Organic Wines and Olive Oil

Organic Wines and Olive Oil

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The range of wines we produce expresses in a personal interpretation of the characteristics of our region and highlights its profound vocation to produce wines of very different kind, with the common denominator represented by the high level of quality, with a strong personality and in full compliance with organic regulations. All this is the result of skill and passion invested in the conduct of the company, according to the respect of the natural balance, combined with the use of modern machinery and technology.

The harvest is done by hand, as in the past, to ensure an optimal selection of the raw material. All of our wines are made from natural fermentation, ie without yeast added, and contain an average of one-third of sulfites allowed by law.
Limited productivity, organic farming sets, ensures higher quality, year after year.
Soils rich in structure and marl, mainly limestone, combined with the harsh climate, helping to produce wines francs, expression of the territory with vocation to aging.
Our current range of wines comes from a thorough experimentation in the vineyard and winery that has allowed us to make the most of the features of the Sangiovese and discover among the many vines planted, those that are best suited to the microclimate of the area. Our wines reflect nature and the characteristics of the territory, of the vineyards and the vintage and are marketed only in years where the desired quality is reached.

The same goes for our extra virgin olive oil, the result of a rigorous maintenance of the best and most ancient traditions of olive oil, which has always led to the production of an oil superb, at the height of quality and authenticity.
The olives are carefully picked by hand or with mechanical aids, without waiting falling naturally to have olives at optimal ripeness. These are pressed at most a few hours after collection.lean, wines aged in oak barrels or casks to taste even aged.

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