“Laudemio” Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020


Extra Vergine di Oliva


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Product Description

Extra Vergine di Oliva

Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino e Pendolino

“Laudemio” is produced in accordance to a quality code that was created by a group of producers in 1990 and that we are ourselves committing to in order to produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil that faithfully reflects the best expression of freshly pressed olives. The remarkable quality of Fattoria Lavacchio’s Laudemio originates in the olive groves located at an altitude between 400 and 500 meters above sea level, organically cultivated, and benefits from optimal exposure and well-ventilated conditions.

The characteristics of the Laudemio from Fattoria Lavacchio is that the olives are:

- harvested by the 30th of November each year to ensure that the olives are not over ripe;

- crushed within 24 hours from the moment they have been picked;

- processed in an experimental olive mill working without oxygen contact.

Cultivated varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino

Area of production: The olive groves are situated at 400 mt. above sea level on a mixed soil that extends for 44 hectars and holds 8,000 plants.

Age of olive trees: Recent trees were planted in the 1980s while the older trees were planted in the 1950s.

Plantation density: Around 300 plants per hectar.

Training system: polyconic vase.

Time of harvest: From late October to late November.

Method of harvest: Olives are harvested by hand to ensure that only perfectly healthy olives, of optimal ripeness are selected.

Processing: The olives are first washed in order to remove leaves and impurities, then they are cold-pressed at a controlled temperature of 22 ° for approx 30 minutes. The separation of the oil and the vegetation water is realized through centrifugal.

Percentage of oil produced from the olives: It varies widely every year, but usually under 15%.

Sensory notes: the color is bright green with golden reflections and the nose is an intense and persistent scent of fresh cut grass, artichoke and, slight eggplant; it is of excellent structure, with a fruity flavor, initially spicy.

Serving suggestions: The ideal use of this particular oil is with authentic cold dishes of raw vegetables soups, salads and dips. However, it is also perfect in cooked sauces and roasts.

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