Panoramica fattoria

The Estate, located only 18 km from Florence on the hills of Montefiesole, is a typical family owned farm, devoted to the cultivation and production of Organic wines and oil, combining the most authentic production methods with the most innovative technologies. Production is carried out using only organic substances and no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are employed. We ask Nature for collaboration: We use the natural environment to enhance agricultural productivity, legumes are planted to fix nitrogen into the soil, natural insect predators are encouraged, crops are rotated and varietal are alternated.

The production is based on low yields and harvesting is done by hand to ensure optimum selection of the fruit. Our wines are produced in a natural way, without the addition of yeasts and contain approx a third of sulfites allowed by law. Limited productivity, due to organic farming, ensures higher quality, year after year. Our products are certified ORGANIC by ICEA and marketed only in years where the desired quality is reached.

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